What can I sell

Q. What can I sell on your website.

A. As long as you own it, you can sell it on our website.

How do I get Paid

Q. How Do I get Paid If I opt for a Buy Now Button

A. When you sign up for a Buy Now Button you will be asked to input your Paypal Registered email address, once someone buys your item they will be directed to Paypal and Pay MONEY directly into your Paypal Account, which you retreive the very same day.

Sending Out Items Paid For

Q. How long do I have to send out an item that someone has paid me for through the Buy Now Paypal option.

A. We expect you to send out the paid for item within 3 working days, preferably by using a tracked parcel courier like An Post / GLS / Nightline or DPD

Selling Multiple items

Q. What should I do if I sell 2 or more of one item.

A. Well as long as you have lots of the same item you can sell the same item many times on our website.

Trade Sellers

Q. As a Trader can I sell on your website?.

A. Well as long as you have lots of the same or different items you can sell these items on our website.


Q. What should I do if the item I receive is not the item advertised or it differs in quality or Colour.

A. The advantage of paying via PAYPAL is that PAYPAL has a Resolution service that is very robust.

A. Simply login to your PAYPAL account , click on the payment for the disputed item and then click Resolution Centre.