Q. What should I do if the item I receive is not the item advertised or it differs in quality or Colour.

A. The advantage of paying via PAYPAL is that PAYPAL has a Resolution service that is very robust.

Simply login to your PAYPAL account , click on the payment for the disputed item and then click Resolution Centre.

You will be prompted to contact the seller to firstly try and resolve the issue, if this fails then you have the option to escalate this to a PAYPAL claim.

If you escalate a purchase to a PAYPAL claim then PAYPAL will attempt to contact the seller and possibly you the Buyer for more information.

Generally this process takes no longer then 4-5 working days.

We would encouage all Sellers to take a Snapshot of the item sold before it is packaged and also to take a Snapshot of the Packaged item and to send this to the Purchaser via email or Whatsapp

We would encouage all Buyers to take a snapshot of the package when it arrives, just in case.